A to Z

You can read my first post about it here, but S and I are spending the year working our way through the alphabet doing something together beginning or to do with each letter. Instead of posting every week, I’ll be updating this page every few letters. Even though I was excited, I was quite daunted at the beginning wondering how I was going to keep coming up with ideas, but so far so good. If you’re going to give it a try I hope this might give you some ideas on where to start!


A – We were heading to Gloucester for the weekend the morning after my A day, so I kept it simple at home. One thing that S LOVES about London is all the different types of ales that you can get here. Ireland just doesn’t do it right apparently. So I skipped off to Sainsbury’s and picked out six bottles, chosen purely on the basis of how funny their names were. We had a little ale tasting evening with some bread and homous and chorizo. And cheese of course, always cheese.

B – For our B day, S took me to the British Library to go to this exhibition on children’s book illustrations. The design of the exhibition was beautiful, and we whiled away a good hour in the bookshop after. Some amazing tea and cake from Peyton and Byrne (if you’re in London put it on your list!) made an appearance as well, so I was one happy girl.

C – Our C day was my turn again, so I booked us a table for lunch at Cau, an Argentinian restaurant close by. It felt a little bit like we were cutting off school even though it was a Saturday, but it was just so strange to have such a leisurely lunch with a few glasses of wine on a Saturday afternoon. It’s definitely something I’ll do again!

More letters coming as we get through them this year!


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