Book Fair Nostalgia

Did you have a Book Fair in school? It was my favourite time of year in primary school. We would all be sent home with a catalogue a few weeks before, and I’d spend hours poring over it, choosing my picks, circling and highlighting and folding corners until I had decided. My mum would come to school on the day of the fair, and we would find my picks together, always making sure to pop in a bookmark for good measure.

There was something so satisfying about having to wait for the day of the fair to come, looking forward to getting home and getting stuck in, and then talking about them with my mum and sister. Even though I don’t have to wait for my mum to buy my books for me anymore, and my taste in books has moved on somewhat from Topsy and Tim and The Babysitters’ Club, there’s still something to be said for the anticipation of it all, the planning and choosing, the waiting.

I’ve had my eye on the Penguin Clothbound Classics for a while now, but haven’t started my collection yet. After another afternoon in the beautiful Daunt Books recently though, I’m sold. So this year, I’m channeling the Book Fair excitement, and planning to choose one to buy every month. I’m not sure which I’ll start with yet, but I can’t wait.

Clothbound Classics

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