A to Z

S and I have been together for nearly eight years and have lived together since he moved to London a year after me. We both work long hours and have lots of other things on the go as well, so don’t end up spending a huge amount of time together during the week, or at the weekends during study season (I keep reminding myself that we’re so lucky his company is sponsoring him, but oh my does it feel like it’s going on forever!) We tend to stick to what we know when we get out and about – we have a few favourite museums, parks and coffee shops, and visit these haunts when we can. They’re all lovely, but sometimes I feel like we could be living anywhere in the world, and that we don’t always take advantage of the incredible things that London has to offer.

So I was surprised but also excited when he suggested we do something that some of his work colleagues were doing this year, an A-Z of sorts where we each take half of the alphabet (we decided to alternate letters), and plan something to do together beginning with or to do with that letter. We agreed that we would have a two week window for each letter so that it would take us to the end of the year, and we’re three letters in at this stage.

I’ll do a recap every few weeks, but so far it’s been a really lovely way to see some more of London and spend some proper time together. I’ve also been like a little kid keeping my plan a secret until the night before, there’s something so exciting about it! Simple, yes, but sometimes those are the best things.


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2 Responses to A to Z

  1. Destiny says:

    I love this idea! I think I’m going to suggest this to my boyfriend too. We get in these ruts of what we like to do and don’t usually branch out to new places and take advantage of this city! This would be a great way to explore!

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