Part of what I love about reading other blogs and blogging myself is the glimpse you get into other people’s lives. I love seeing how people choose to spend their days, I love getting inspiration from how they style their homes, and perhaps more than anything else, I love finding new places to eat and new recipes to cook. All that is great, but it’s also only a glimpse – so much else goes on; real life is happening, and with it the duvet days, the I haven’t left the house all day days, and the beans on toast for dinner because the fridge is empty days.

So, in the spirit of full disclosure, a very honest glimpse into our Sunday:

It started with a trip to the local City Farm where we happened upon Christmas trees for sale. We happily bought one and headed home to put it up and decorate it. Only to find its base was far too big to fit in our stand. So we headed to Asda to buy a new stand, only to find they had none. ‘No problem!’, we thought, ‘we’ll just buy a saw’. I now know that no conversations that start with that can end well.

We spent two hours sawing and chipping and chiselling away at the base of the tree, stopping every now and then to see if it would fit, finding it wouldn’t, and starting again. We got frustrated with each other, I cried, S hurt his back, and we got pine needles all over the house. We kept going, determined and convinced we could hoover up all the needles.

Needless to say, we couldn’t. Our lovely tree is now living on the balcony, decorated with one lonely string of awful LED lights that I got as a Secret Santa gift last year. And while it might not be the most perfectly styled tree, it’s real and it’s ours and it’s life. Pine needles everywhere, empty fridge and all.

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