Weekend, and Weekly Wishes #3

I can’t believe another Monday has come around so quickly! This time of year always seems to take on a life of its own, doesn’t it?

This weekend I had to work a conference on Saturday, which is always harder in the winter. Getting up at 6am to catch the train over the summer is a lot more welcoming than in November, but it wasn’t the worst of days in the end. Afterwards I met S and his sister, plus my cousin and my sister in Chinatown for dinner and a catch up. And then I went straight to bed and didn’t emerge until 1pm on Sunday – absolute bliss.

Having parted with my duvet I headed to Greenwich to pick out a postcard to send to Jamie, my match for this month’s Snail Mail Collective, and then spent the evening at home. All in all, it was a lovely, much-needed, quiet day.



{New beginnings}

Linking up with Melyssa for Weekly Wishes

Last week my wishes were to pick out my work clothes the night before, and to really work at my budgeting so as not to end up short before the end of the month. My clothes were laid out every evening, and it really did make such a difference in the mornings. I managed to only buy ‘necessities’ this week (lunch one day in work as I had no leftovers, and a birthday present for my Mum, as well as groceries). It’s made me feel a lot more positive about sticking to a proper budget once the new year rolls around.
This week’s wishes:

1. Take the train rather than the tube to work in the mornings. I’m lucky in that I have quite a few options to get to and from work. Quite predictably, I take the one with the fewest changes that leaves me the closest to my office. The train leaves me about a half-hour walk away from the office, and my is it a lovely walk. This week I want to take the train every day, so that I can enjoy the beautiful walk while also getting some exercise in early in the day.

2. Write a thankful list. Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated this side of the pond, and aside from the fact that a wonderful feast of a dinner sounds amazing, I’ve always liked the idea of celebrating all that you’re thankful for. This week I want to think about what those things are for me, and make a list to remind myself. (I will also work on a wonderful feast some evening – it’s only right after all).


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5 Responses to Weekend, and Weekly Wishes #3

  1. great job meeting your goals, and good luck this week! when I lived in NYC I used to take the long walk from the subway, it made me feel more in charge of my morning. I mailed your package off yesterday 🙂

  2. Foreign Geek says:

    Thankful list is a great wish 🙂 One of my past weekly wish to write a gratitude journal every day and It definitely made me happier. All the best with your goals.

  3. Nothing beats a good view while walking. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

  4. annehnert says:

    Congrats on smashing those goals! love it 🙂 Be sure to share all that’s included in the upcoming feast!

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