Mundane Midweek

Charlotte’s Mundane Midweek posts are some of my favourite, and I don’t quite know why I’ve never linked up before today, but here’s to it.

While I wish every Wednesday involved a day off from work and such yummy food, yesterday wasn’t usual. S finished his exams yesterday (round one of six – this did in fact seem like a good idea, once) so I took the day off and met him afterwards for some fun.

It was one of those awful wild winter mornings, and we even had hail. In November! It did mean that afterwards the air was lovely and crisp though, and while the leaves didn’t really stand a chance, they didn’t look half bad on the ground.


We had lunch in Bill’s (always a winner) and then set off for some shopping. I tend to buy a few bits here and there or the odd impulse buy semi-regularly, but S is a more measured shopper. He’ll wait for ages until he has a long list and then buy it all at once. So he went a bit mad, but came home with enough loot to last all winter. (Is this a ‘boy’ thing? All the boys I’ve known do this). I discovered that H&M have gone for library-chic this season, and just want to know if they’re available to read while waiting for your boy to get out of the fitting room?


Next we wandered the South Bank Christmas market and spent an incredibly long time debating where those vendors go for the rest of the year. Do they rebrand their little huts as non-Christmas chestnuts? Do people even eat chestnuts in summertime? Oh the questions!

Even though we were still stuffed from lunch, dinner at Wahaca was calling us, and it didn’t disappoint. We followed it up with a leisurely wander through the Press Photographer’s exhibition nearby. It was so powerful, and makes me wish I had an eye for telling stories with my camera. Some of the images were really quite distressing, but beautifully shot.

We topped it all off with the decision to shun the tube in favour of the boat home. Because if you’re going to eat like a king, you might as well go all out and travel like one too, right?


{The view out the front of the boat. While I was snapping pictures, the passengers who can afford to take it every day were drinking their purchased-on-board wine and beer. On the way home. On a Wednesday. Now that’s how it’s done.}

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One Response to Mundane Midweek

  1. Asmaa says:

    What an epic wednesday!
    The books in H&M though- who can resist picking them up and reading them? Not I that’s for sure!
    I think the boat home – was a very fitting end to a lovely day 😛

    Asmaa || JustPeachy
    (also good luck to S for the exams!)

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