Weekend, and Weekly Wishes

This should really say Whole Week, Weekend, and Weekly Wishes, I know. But sometimes life just takes over and leaves no room for anything else. Sometimes it’s stressful, and sometimes it’s much needed. This week was a healthy mix of both.

The weekend was full of errands of the DIY kind, and though braving the crowds on Saturday was not ideal, we now have walls full of frames, and the place is really starting to feel like home.

We also welcomed our first guest, S’s sister, who is staying with us for a few weeks while she does an internship. My sister is arriving this Friday, so we’ll be brimful with family soon, and I can’t wait.

Last week my wishes were to get outside during work every day, and to make an extra effort to keep in touch with old friends. I managed both, and want to make sure that neither fall by the wayside again. They’re both so simple but have made the wintery gloom of London so much more manageable this week.

Now, onto this week’s wishes.

  1. Plan my work clothes the night before. I got rid of a huge amount of clothes I wasn’t wearing before we moved, and that left me with a wardrobe that I know I like, and one that should make it easy to choose what to wear. I still find myself staring aimlessly into it in the mornings though, so want to take fifteen minutes before bed to decide and lay out what I want. Using the extra time to have breakfast with S/sleep in/actually brush my hair will make for a nice change.
  2. Make wiser spending choices. This really should be something I commit to doing in the long-term, but this week it’s only prompted by the fact that my bank balance had a hard month, and payday is feeling like a very long way away. I’m hoping that by making wiser choices in the short term I’ll be able to plan my new-year budget more realistically – not trying to justify a giant category for ‘just in case I see four beautiful dresses’ purchases, for instance.


{I went through all my photos looking for one for ‘memories’, and loved finding so many. This one is one of my favourites – I had just got a new camera for my birthday (18? 19? who knows) and we were playing with it in S’s garden. No worrying about work clothes or money or anything of the sort, just being silly in the sun. Here’s to bringing some of that silliness back, albeit without the sun.}

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One Response to Weekend, and Weekly Wishes

  1. Lix H. says:

    Here from the link-up. 🙂 Good luck with your goals! I can really relate to your reasons for planning your clothes the night before – it’s always such a weight off my shoulders when I do that.

    If you want to talk about budgeting, I’m always happy to do that. I’m extremely good at talking myself out of buying things… mostly because I’ve barely had enough money to live on for years. I’m pretty used to not getting what I want. But it’s nicer when it’s a choice.

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