Though it’s not quite the weekend yet, it sort of is as I’m off tomorrow to spend the day with my Mum and sister who are flying in for the weekend. So I thought it was ok to cheat and talk about my highlights of the week on a Thursday instead.

1. A hilarious instagram comment exchange with my Mum and sister. Mum is relatively new to it and is still getting the hang of it – she was duly appalled when we hijacked her photo with hashtags galore, but it was definitely worth it.

2. FaceTime time with my other sister last night. She’s living it up in Dallas and it was so nice to catch up and get a tour of her new place. I still can’t quite believe she’s not at home anymore, but can’t wait to start planning our Texas adventure to visit her! (Mum had always said she wanted us to live all over the world so she could spend her retirement following the summer and visiting us all. It may well happen at this rate so I hope she meant it.)

3. The leftovers that have been lunch all week. Enough said.

4. I’ve been looking for a group to volunteer with for a while, but haven’t found the right fit. I think working for a charity means it’s harder to find something I love, as a lot of options are similar to what I do everyday anyway. This week I came across a new-ish organisation that works with older people in London and I’m really excited to get stuck in next week.

5. The biggest highlight has been finding out that we got the flat we applied for! We meet the landlord on Sunday to sort everything out and set a moving in date. I’m sure the chaos that will come from trying to pack up our little one bed that easily has enough furniture for a house may not be a highlight, so I’m enjoying it while I can. Made.com and Habitat lusting can now commence.

6. The unexpected sunsets this week. I really missed having a proper autumn sunset when I first moved to London, so I’m not mad at the brief change we’ve had this week. Not mad at all.


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