Thinking and time

I’m a planner. A thinker. A think some more and then talk about my plans and thinking-er. And I’m not always patient. (I definitely have a winning online dating profile in the making there).

I’ve realised that it’s not a bad thing, but I’ve also found that at certain times in my life, I can let become a bad thing. And I feel as though that might be about to happen at the moment. S is studying again (while working 40 hour weeks), it’s heading into exam season, and we’re moving. Hopefully to a beautiful place we found in exactly the area we wanted, right on the water, AND in our budget. We won’t know for sure if it’s ours for another ten days though, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to find some place new if it doesn’t work out. At this stage it’s out of our control, and I know we can be happy in so many places and shouldn’t put too much emphasis on this one. (But did I mention it’s perfect?)


So tonight, this lovely print from minted has given me my mantra – some things take time, and over-thinking them won’t make them go any faster:


{image via justbeenough}

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