We’ve been back from China for over a week now, but as always I’m having trouble settling back into real life. It was such an amazing place, such a mix of old and new, Western and Eastern influences, I don’t think I’m going to be able to process it all for a long time. Suffice to say, my wanderlust is back. 



Seats with a view make my heart happy




Day at the Great Wall 

{My aunt had told us to look out for the ever so stylish women from Beijing hiking it in five inch heels –

sadly all we saw were hiking boots}




Autumn Festival on our last evening 


Said wanderlust was only heightened after an afternoon in Stanfords this weekend – how cool is this floor?! It’s in the entire shop. So fun to walk around picking out our favourite places in London.




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3 Responses to China

  1. The Great Wall!! Five inch heels?? Damn. I’d rather walk there barefoot :p

  2. Ha that’s how I felt, though I was really looking forward to seeing someone doing it. Mainly to see how they were managing it!

  3. Yeah that would be definitely amusing. When I went to Vietnam I saw girls in mini skirt, and a pregnant woman on their vespa scooter. Do you have a bloglovin account? You should. I’d follow you there 🙂

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