Josh Ritter

Music is big in my family. My mum and oldest sister are both music teachers, and my younger sister is about to head off on her biggest adventure yet – a move to Dallas to study music at university.

I was very involved in music growing up, but always knew that a career in it wasn’t for me. I still love it though, and I love that my boyfriend’s guitar and songs take centre stage in our home now.

The first concert we ever went to together was Josh Ritter. S had told me that I needed to keep December 7 (2006 – woah) free, as there was someone he wanted me to meet.

Cut to December 7, we go to the concert, and actually do end up meeting the man himself! Since then, we’ve gone to see him everytime he has played closeby, and he never disappoints.

Last week we were lucky enough to see him play at The Village in Shoreditch, which is basically one giant brick room, with nothing but a stage and a bar. It happened to be the warmest day of the year, so the place became one giant brick oven. It didn’t even matter though, because Josh and his band made the most of it, and it was the perfect way to spend a Tuesday evening.

If you ever get the chance to see him live, don’t think twice about it. The best thing is how insanely happy he always looks on stage, as if he almost can’t believe it’s happening.


Line from one of my favourites of his, Good Man. Feet from myself and S.

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